Leader Says House Will Hold Firm on Federal Workplace Issues

A key leader has said that House Democrats will hold firm on several federal employment-related matters during budget negotiations that Necromunda Goliath Bounty Hunter Mint in Box

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Next Steps Just Ahead on Raise, Key Lawsuit

Developments are expected within days on two key issues for federal employees, the prospective January 2020 raise and a lawsuit …More

Start Preparing for Open Season, OPM Tells Agencies

OPM has sent to agencies its first round of instructions and materials to be provided to employees in preparation for …More

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Expertly Painted Necromunda Goliath Gang + Bot

TSP account holders who are now close to making a withdrawal election will either want to act quickly before an …More

VA Further Restricts Smoking; Union Fumes

The VA has expanded a recently announced no-smoking policies in its facilities to apply to its employees, to be effective …More

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Bill Addresses Tax on Relocation Cost Reimbursements: $2,000 Average

A provision in the Senate-passed version of the annual defense spending bill to address a lingering tax issue regarding relocation …More


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Unions, Agencies Look to Others to Decide Disputes

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

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Couples Need to Keep Focus on Retirement Savings, Says Report

A main reason that two-earner couples get in trouble in preparing for retirement is that the “tend to undersave,” says …More

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Selling and Leasing Back Your Own Home
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On Early Retirement Offers, Think It Through
Creating a Cushion of Cash for Retirement
Read More in RFPR

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For Federal Vehicle Fleet, It’s Not Easy Going Green

The government has made progress in meeting requirements in law—some dating back three decades—to reduce gas consumption and greenhouse emissions …More

Privacy Act Revisions Signed into Law
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TSP Investment Report

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The Risk for a Recession is Rising, But the Future is Never Certain

The stock market currently has elevated volatility as the trade dispute between the United States and China continues to escalate …More

Negative-Yielding Bonds and the I Fund
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Four Percent Draw Down Rule

Armed Forces News

Pikemen empire brettonia 32 metal warhammer sigmar fantasy order (19803)

Adm. Mike Gilday succeeded Adm. John Richardson as Chief of Naval Operations during an Aug. 22 ceremony at Washington Navy …More

AMVETS Elects First Female Commander
Ballistic Missile Interceptor Program Ended
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Budget Cuts Affect DODEA Schools