Boxer Steiff Puppet Dog ID's ALL cc8c0wbhb92788-1946-1969

Exclusive Elite tin soldiers St. Petersburg Orcs with a small axe
King and Country Fighting w Sword (Running Forward) ROM014
SYW015 Russian Artillery Gunner Aiming Gun by First Legion
AWI065 Haslets 1st Delaware Kneeling Loading by First Legion
AG035 Macedonian Phalangite - Middle Rows 4 by First Legion
RUSSTAL038 Russian Infantry Major - Jeep Passenger Tank Rider by First Legion
NOR037 US 4th ID Sergeant with Thompson SMG by First Legion
First Legion - ACW072 - 2nd Wisconsin Volunteers Drummer - ACW
NAP0269 - 92nd Gordon Highlander Kneeling Loading - Napoleonic - First Legion
NAP0484 British 51st Light Infantry Regiment Scanning for Target by First Legion

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CORD-247 - Union Infantry Firing Line (3 Figures) - ACW - Britians - 54mm Metal

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Elastolin 70mm American Revolution AWI Americans Regiment Washington x5 Lot 5

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SYW014 Russian Artillery Officer by First Legion
REN023 Landsknecht Artillery Gunner with Rammer by First Legion
ROM077 Eastern Auxiliary Archer Standing Firing by First Legion

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Brand: Steiff
Steiff Boxer Dog Puppet  ALL ID's
First Legion NAP0553 Russian Pavlovski Grenadier Dead
Tin soldier, Spartan hoplite with red shield ANCIENT WARRIORS, 54 mm
St Petersburg. Amber. Roman Warrior w Sword & Shield Standing on Helmet, 54mm
Tin soldiers, British 9-pound cannon designed by Thomas Blomfield. Waterloo.1
GA010-NSW Sitting Anzacs Set 1 (New South Wales) by King and Country
First Legion NAP0557 Prussian Artillery Private Carrying Cartridge, 2nd Branden
First Legion VN026 USMC Infantry Firing M-14